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Meyer Manufacturing XTSS2700+ Tandem Trailer / Suspension-Steer Axle - 27 Ton

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XTSS2700+ Tandem Trailer / Suspension-Steer Axle - 27 Ton
XTSS2700+ Tandem Trailer / Suspension-Steer Axle - 27 Ton
Model # XTSS2700+

The Meyer XTSS2700+ Tandem Suspension-Steerable Trailer features a Heavy Duty tubular frame with 27 ton capacity.   It is specifically designed for the faster road speeds of today's modern ag tractor.   It is also better suited for long hauls from the field to the farm compared to tradtional ag trailers.  It's rear steerable axle system eliminates "scrub" on headlands and in farm yards while minimizing tire wear as well.   Suspension axles, steerable rear axle, brakes and articulating implement hitch are all standard!
XTSS2700+ Tandem Trailer / Suspension-Steer Axle - 27 Ton
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Meyer Manufacturing
feature image XTSS2700+ Series Upgraded!

This new "Plus" Series XTSS Tandem Suspension / Steer trailer received a host of upgrades to the hitch frame, structure, scale mounts and more!   It replace the XTSS2200 model.

 HD Tube Frame

Meyer XTSS2700+ Trailers feature a 4x8 tubular base frame in 2 different lengths to accomodate your application.   Typically used for forage boxes & feederboxes from 24-26' of load space plus other applications.

 Robust Hitch Assemblies

Meyer XTSS trailers feature a strong 6x8 tubular hitch system which is heavily fortified to handle the load.

 Suspended axles standard on the XTS Series

HD, 33,000# suspension axles are standard on this model as well as rear axle steering.

 Tire Options

The XTSS2700 Trailer can be ordered with 600/50x22.5 (pictured) or a wider 700/40x22.5 bar tire package.

Brake Choices

Brakes on both axles are standard equipment on the XTSS2700+.   Hydraulic hand lever or foot pedal packages available.

Standard Articulating Implement Hitch

This HD Cast Articulating Implement Hitch is standard equipment on the XTSS2700+.   It offers excellent flexibility for uneven terrain and does require a hammerstrap tractor drawbar.

Scale Option

The Meyer XTSS Series Trailer can be outfitted with a handy scale arrangement.   It features an 8 cell system mounted between the trailer and implement.

  Locking Rear Axle

The rear steer axle features a locking mechanism to aid in backing up or long distrance travel out of the field.  (Hydraulic activated)