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Meyer Manufacturing 9500 Series Crop Max Combination Spreaders

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9500 Series Crop Max Combination Spreaders
Model # 9520 / 9524 / 9530

The versatile Meyer 9500 Crop Max Spreader offers 3 spreading attachments to taylor our spreader to your application.   Vertical, Horizontal or Combination Attachment provide consistent spread patterns at a targeted rate thanks to the hydraulic variable speed drive.   Standard features include triple aprons, reverse, solid poly floor and HD steel body.   Crop Max units are easily convertible for stockpiling by quick removal of the expeller attachment and can also be outfitted with a silage extension kit or grain hopper package.   Get more for your money with a Crop Max by Meyer!


9520 / 9524 / 9530
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Meyer Manufacturing
Pull Type or Truck Mount Units Available feature image
20 - 24 - 30' lengths / 755 - 1,180 cubic foot heaped capacity! feature image
Three Spreading Attachments Available. Each is removable and interchangable if properly equipped. Now that's versatility!! feature image
S100 Combination Attachment feature image
The S100 Combination Attachment has 2 horizontal beaters shred material and drop it on the lower spinner disks for dispersal. Patterns are wide - up to 65'! Ideal for litter, lime, compost, digester solids where lower application rates are desired. Guillotine tailgate standard / Swing-Arm optional. Capable of hauling pack manure as well.
 S200 Vertical Attachment feature image
The S200 Vertical Attachment features twin 44" diameter expellers creating an explosive 30-40' pattern. Versitile, since it will handle most types of manure, sludge and compost, including frozen, dry feedlot and packed manure! (Swing Arm Tailgate equipped)
Maximize the Value of your Manure or Byproduct with a Meyer Crop Max feature image
This Adjustable Deflector allows you to "fine-tune" your spread pattern based on the density of the product being spread. (S100 and S200) feature image
Heavy Duty Steel Construction feature image
4' side height & 7.5' width add up to big capacity!   This makes the Meyer Crop Max the perfect spreader if you have high volumes of solid manure, litter or byproduct.
Support Where it Counts! feature image
Floor Supports have a 7.5" gaps!  This tight network of support protects the poly floor system when large volumes of manure / frozen manure are loaded in the Crop Max.
Hydraulic In-Cab Variable Speed feature image
This simple control mounts in your tractor or truck giving you full control of apron speed at your fingertips!
Reversing Apron Feature allows to free foreign objects or to restart a load after plugging. Saving you time and a whole lot of effort! feature image
Direct Hydraulic Geardrive eliminates uneeded roller chain maintenance. Big 2 3/8" drive shaft and machined steel sprockets are standard! feature image


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