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Meyer Manufacturing Twin Screw - Small Family

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Twin Screw - Small Family
Model # F355 / F470

The Meyer F355 and F470 Formula Twin Screw Mixers provide big value in a small package.   The low profile units provide capacities up to 520 cubic feet with a narrow profile which is often much more convenient than single screw designs.   The single speed design provides fast, efficient processing of your ration including long stemmed hay!  A wide array of conveyor options for both front and side door models will handle almost any application.   We will make a difference where it counts - at the shaker box!


F355 / F470
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Meyer Manufacturing
The Formula to a good ration starts with the basics. Precisely engineered tank walls and screw provide accuracy and consistancy that you expect! feature image
Precisely Engineered Augers - propel your ration up the center of the auger and then down along the outside walls for fast processing while maximizing end-to-end movement between the 2 screws. feature image
Lead Edge Scraper is adjustable and replaceable, it is responsible for initiating efficient feed movement in the Formula Mixer (Heat treated - high carbon steel). feature image
Auger Discharge Kicker Arm (right side of graphic) provides an extra sweep with every revolution, allowing smoother feedout in less time! feature image
Unique 3 piece knife design saves you time and money! This system offers added strength, simple adjustability and reduced replacement costs. (tungsten carbinate coated knives) feature image
Perfect Match
Meyer offers a standard 2 blade knife for typical rations or an aggressive 3 section knife for rations with high volumes of long stem material.
feature image Step Baffle System
This unique Step Baffle System aids in front/rear feed movement, reduces horsepower requirements while eliminating overprocessing!   Made from High Carbon Steel to reduce wear!   NOTICE THE 4" STEP WHERE THE BAFFLE MEETS THE FLOOR.
feature imageStainless Steel Side & Baffle Liners are standard on Commercial Models and optional on all others.
Poly Lined Door Tracks feature image
All Door Tracks are poly lined for reduced wear and stress.   They also eliminate freeze up issues and provide easy long term replacement!
Hay Stops
Hay Stops are double acting and easily adjust for tuning when processing long stemmed material.  Most other hay stops only adjust 1 direction (top or bottom - Meyer does both).  2 Stops are standard equipment. feature image
HD Roller Bumper feature image
This Roller Bumper provides excellent protection for your truck and pumps on FEPTO Drive truck mounts.