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Kuhn - GMD 355

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Kuhn GMD 355
A Well Rounded and Versatile Disc Mower

The KUHN GMD 355 mounted disc mower is great for operators who are looking for versatility, high cutting performance and durability.

The KUHN GMD 355 disc mower provides operators with increased durability, enhanced features and a cleaner look for years of low maintenance hay production. Equipped with KUHN’s 100 Series cutterbar, the GMD 355 has proven cutting performance in the field. It has also been reinforced with heavy-duty outer bearing stations to support both ends of the cutterbar. These supports greatly improve the durability of the cutterbar, especially when it is used in difficult conditions. The swath wheel improves crop flow by providing positive engagement of the crop. The spring suspension of the cutting unit has adaptive flotation for the cutterbar to float over uneven terrain. The mechanical breakaway protects the mower along fence lines and field edges in case an obstacle is struck.

GMD 355
Sale Type
100 Series
Disc Type
Standard Disc
Mowing Angle
+35°, -25°
Working Width
11'6'' (3.5 m)
Cutting Height
1.1'' - 2.8'' (30 - 70 mm)
Number Of Discs
Transport Width
6'3'' (1.91 m)
Transport Height
12'9'' (3.9 m)
Cutterbar Suspension
Blade Retention System
Headland Turn Position
By integrated hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic limiter
Safety Breakaway System
Standard mechanical
Hydraulic Lift Mechanism
Unlocking System From The Tractor Cab
Via rope
Removable Protectadrive® Disc Bearing Stations

Kuhn GMD 355 Cutterbar Lifting Skids

These lifters are available for mowing conditions which require elevated cutting heights. Up to 3.5” (90 mm) are possible. They will also prove useful in wet and sticky mowing conditions. 1000 RPM Drive

An optional 1000 RPM PTO offers flexibility for the customer to run the mower with a larger tractor and provides dependable operation in varied conditions.

Kuhn GMD 355 Parking Stand

An optional parking stand can be ordered to store the mower in the vertical position to save space in the shed.

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Proven Cutting Performance

Kuhn GMD 355 Direct Drive Design

The GMD 355 mower has a direct drive through the first disc into the 100 Series cuttbar. This allows more clearance to not catch crop from previously made windrows.

Kuhn GMD 355 Proven 100 Series Cutterbar

Due to the high reliability, excellent crop cutting, and overall adaptability to varying terrains, the 100 Series cutterbar is a staple in the Premium Series. See for yourself by taking a closer look at what the 100 Series cutterbar has to offer

1- Withstands the highest loads: special high-capacity bearings fitted in a one-piece sealed housing are not subject to distortion.

2- Increased service life: disc pinion shaft bearings endure radial forces for maximum bearing life. This optimum position improves the load balance.

3- Protection should an obstacle be struck: the Protectadrive® system is designed to protect the cutterbar gear train and minimizes the risk of downtime.

4- High-wear resistance: knife attachment hardware is fully protected. For added safety, heat-treated steel cups are welded to the disc.

5- Minimum wear or distortion risks: idler gear fasteners are located in heat treated steel cups. Correct alignment is ensured without the risk of distortion.

6- Long-term reliability: large-diameter gearwheels in high-tensile forged steel with reinforced teeth.

7- Perfect sealing: top-quality o-rings used on cutterbar bearing housings for a perfect, leak-free seal.

Kuhn GMD 355 Swath Wheel

The GMD 355 mower comes with an adjustable outside swath wheel. The swath wheel improves crop flow by providing more positive engagement of crop to leave the cutterbar, especially in taller crops. Additionally, the swath wheel allows a greater degree of swath width adjustment and leaves a clearly defined edge for the next pass.

Kuhn GMD 355 Cutterbar Frame Support

The cutterbar and curtain frame are supported on the outside of the machine. The support frame is equipped with two integrated bumpers to reduce shocks from the cutterbar when working in rough field conditions.

Increased Durability and Protection

Kuhn GMD 355 Protectadrive® Safety

Every minute saved during the hay season is precious. Ultimate protection, from the externally removable Protectadrive disc bearing stations, provides maximum reliability and quick service. In the event of an impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing. This is thanks to its carefully dimensioned shear groove. As a result, the gear teeth are protected.

Kuhn GMD 355 Constant Float Suspension System

The GMD 355 mower uses the Constant Float suspension system. The design of the frame and strong spring creates a dynamic suspension system where the cutterbar maintains even ground pressure across the entire working width. This allows the operator to travel at high speeds with an even cut height. The mower can cut slopes up to +35º and down to -25º.

Kuhn GMD 355 Ground Pressure Adjustment

The ground pressure is adjusted by simply setting the height of the 3-point hitch. Align the marks and the ground pressure is set. Raise the hitch for less ground pressure or lower the hitch for more ground pressure.

Kuhn GMD 355 Headland Lift Position

The GMD 355 mower has high clearance in the headland position with 20 inches of ground clearance to the lowest point of the cutterbar. There is quick lifting action of the cutterbar off the ground to clear windrows and is evenly lowered back to the ground to protect the cutterbar from hitting the ground. The hydraulic limiter avoids the shock load when the cutterbar is raised reducing the stress on the machine.

Kuhn GMD 355 Breakaway System

Should an obstacle be struck, the safety breakaway causes the mower unit to swing slightly backwards. The impact is significantly reduced. You can reset the device simply by reversing.

Easy Transport and Storage

Kuhn GMD 355 Transport Position

The GMD 355 is able to complete 110º of folding. On most tractors, the cutterbar won’t stick out past the right side tire. The outer safety guard folds automatically to reduce the overall height

Kuhn GMD 355 Curtain

The curtain has an A-shape when in the working position to keep dirt and crop from building up. The front and rear halves of the curtain can be folded up for maintenance and cleaning.